Even in good times, remote teams struggle to stay connected and successful. Throw in a pandemic and it can be a challenge to achieve candid and effective dialogue. And as we look ahead to the new state of work, organisations considering work from home or hybrid models will find virtual team engagement and connectivity to be a persistent focus.

Our study of nearly 1,200 people found:

  • It is challenging to stay connected remotely.
  • Of the 52% who said they worked at least some time from home, the hardest challenge they faced as a remote employee was speaking up and sharing their concerns with their teammates.
  • And yet, it’s not a hopeless cause. The success of remote teams hinged almost entirely on the manager’s ability to communicate.

In the attached ebook, How to Lead Virtual Teams: Skills to Put Your People First, you’ll find seven skills for more successfully leading a virtual team. Imagine how much more engaged and successful your remote workforce could be if your managers mastered these dialogue skills?

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